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The Yin and Yang Stone. Soothing and calming to bring great strength. Agate is known to bring balance by aiding in centering and stability. Intellectual, emotional, and physical harmony can be found with this stone. 



The Spiritual Enhancer. Bringing balance and calm to the nervous system. Amethyst is the anti-anxiety stone. With many healing powers it can relieve physical ailments, sleep problems and emotional issues.  Also known to boost energy while meditating and place spiritual protection around you.


Black Tourmaline

The Great Protector. Black tourmaline has been used for many years by the most powerful healers for protection. It is considered to be the most protective stone of all stones. Black tourmaline is one of the only stones that heals and protects on all possible levels-emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual... One of my absolute favs.



The Happy Stone. The stone of abundance and wealth. Citrine will not allow for negativity as it heals with positivity. Placing a citrine stone in the furthest left corner of your home is said to bring money and abundance to your life. It is also known as a power cleanser to your energy. It can relieve negative thoughts such as depression, anger and mood swings.


Clear Quartz

The Master Healer. The enhancer of all other stones. Everyone should have at least one!! It is the most versatile healing stone among all crystals. Clear quartz relieves pain, protects against negativity and brings you to your higher self.  Clear Quartz can be programmed for any purpose. Also known as the stone of power as it amplifies energy and/or intention. 



The January Birthstone. This regal red stone is the first birthstone of the year. Garnet is also the gift for a second Wedding Anniversary.  Promoting friendship and trust, this stone can be worn for protection during travel.


Herkimer Diamond 

The Great and Powerful. The most powerful of all Quartz crystals. Herkimer diamonds are double terminated with the ability to not only put out their own energies, but to receive spiritual energy. They bring focus and intensity.  



The Soothing Stone or the Worry Stone. Preventing the loss of personal energy and calming the nerves. Aiding in emotional and physical strength.  Onyx is also known to bring forward good fortune and block out black magic or the evil eye.


Pink Opal

A Pink Peruvian Opal has been said to bring calm + pacify any sleep issues...Not to mention...Opal in general brings LOVE, DESIRE, PASSION, AND EROTICISM.... 


Rose Quartz 

The Love Stone. Bringing its users unconditional love and passionate romance. This stone is incredible for opening the heart chakra. In addition to enhancing your self-esteem, rose quartz diminishes any feelings of anger and jealousy.  It can also bring long-term relationships loving and harmonious relationships.



The Liquid Light. A must have for energy healing, cleansing, and meditating. It is known to bring purifying white light into your body. You can use it as an energy eraser to get rid of any negativity surrounding you! 


Smoky Quartz 

Grounding. Smoky quartz provides grounding, relaxation, and protection. It provides stability and security.  Paired together with clear quartz, the positive energies are achieved infinitely  quicker and clearer. Great for clarifying dreams and sleeping restfully.



The Receptive Stone. Tourmaline promotes spirituality, mysticism, and meditation. Great for detoxification and a healthy mood. 










The OTR Pendulum // Obsidian

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